As we began the Every Acconci project at the end of 2011, a collaborative aspect with our performers emerged. We are producing videos not with actors or people acting simply as stand-ins for Acconci, but with mostly female artists based in Chicago whose work resonates with the specific Acconci videos we are remaking. These women become performers and collaborators in each video. Using Acconci’s original performances as texts and working within the parameters we set, they are free to interpret Acconci’s performances as they wish. Some stray far from the original works, though the seeds remain recognizable. The results are collaborative performances created for video in which highly personal aspects of each person’s work and personality are tangibly present.

With each video posted we include short biographies and links to websites for the artists/performers, who also have the option to provide a written response to the process of making the video or to the finished work. The heart of the project remains deliberately local, focusing on artworks in the collection of the Video Data Bank in Chicago and creating a visible network of diverse and incredibly talented artists based in or connected to Chicago, many of whom have personal and professional relationships. The result is a call and response form of conversation among our work, created not only through the blog, but through the performances and videos themselves.